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When you first get into RVing, it can be a little confusing to figure out the classes. Why do classes of RV matter, aren’t they all just RVs? RVs are divided into classes to help you decide which one is the best to suit your purposes. Whether you’re just renting a rig for your trip or you’re looking to buy one, it’s helpful to know the difference. 

First of all, you should know that there are two different categories of recreational vehicles: motorhomes and towable rigs. Motorhomes are divided into three classes, whereas there are five types of towable rigs. Let’s take a look at the different classes of RV to help you better understand what fits your needs. 

Class A RV

A class A RV is a large, bus-shaped vehicle that is from 20 feet to 45 feet long. They can sleep between 8-10 passengers. These are probably what you think of when envisioning a celebrity’s tour vehicle. They are massive, luxurious, and hard on the fuel bill. 

Class A RVs offer families or full-time travelers more space and better sleeping arrangements. There is a clearly defined space between the living, dining, bath, and bedrooms. If you are looking for luxury above all else, this is the class to buy. 

Class B RV

Class B RVs are also known as sleepers or camper vans. They are one of the smallest RV classes, which makes them easier to drive. They’re also better for fuel mileage. They don’t come with the same amount of space as a Class A or C rig. However, this class will provide everything you need. There is a kitchen, toilet, bed, and ample storage space. 

These vehicles are less for full-time travelers and more for taking on an adventure. They can reach more remote areas that the larger vehicles cannot. There is much less concern about getting this smaller vehicle stuck or being unable to back out of a tight spot. 

Class C RV

A class C RV is a cross between class A and class B. They are more fuel efficient and maneuverable than class A, but have more amenities and space than class B. Unlike class A, they are built onto a regular truck chassis, making them a little more comfortable to drive. 

Class C is generally less expensive than class A, while still offering many of the same comforts. They are more likely to be less flashy than the luxurious class A, but are still more flashy than class B. Some of them offer up to 24 feet of living space.

Towable Rig Types

Towable rigs are not self-motivated. Motorhomes are a vehicle with a motor built in. The towable rigs require a separate towing vehicle. Oftentimes, these rigs need a large SUV to tow them. The bigger fifth-wheel rigs might need a half-ton vehicle or bigger. There are five different types of towable rigs. 

Pop-up Trailers

These compact trailers feature canvas sides that fold and unfold for use or storage. They are pulled by a hitch on your car’s bumper.

Travel Trailers

The travel trailer is like pulling a motorhome by a hitch on your truck or car. They are easily detached so you can leave them at your campsite and go explore with your vehicle. 

Toy Haulers

These travel trailers have an attached compartment that functions as a garage. This allows you to bring vehicles such as your ATVs or snowmobiles.

Fifth Wheels

Finally, fifth wheels are some of the largest towable rigs available. They are very heavy and require a truck with a fifth-wheel attachment in the bed for towing. 

Truck Campers

These campers are a tiny space mounted on the back of a pickup truck. They generally sit on top of the truck and do not have wheels that touch the ground. 

Rent Any Class of Motorhome with Mid Florida RV Rentals

Mid Florida RV Rentals wants to provide you with an enjoyable RV travel experience. We provide rentals for vacations, events, and temporary housing needs. Choose what works best for you from a wide variety of models. Whether you like small, easy-to-maneuver vehicles or prefer a large diesel coach, we can provide it. Contact us today to learn more about how you can have a great RV experience. 

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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