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Have you ever thought of reserving long term RV parks while on the road? As living in an RV full-time becomes increasingly popular, more campsites are allowing longer stays. Additionally, many campgrounds reserve rooms for visitors who may only need to remain for a few days or a week. 

Today, we’ll discuss what distinguishes an RV park as a long-term or transient campsite.

Short-Term and Long-Term RV Parks Near Me

When searching ‘long-term RV parks’ you’ll often find locations where RVers may settle down for a month or more. They may accept rental agreements that are monthly, seasonal, or yearly. Anyone looking to downsize and traveling personnel (such as nurses or construction teams) may consider this option.

For the most part, Long-term RV parks provide laundry facilities, exercise facilities, and scheduled events. These campsites are renowned for their spacious sites, which provide visitors with greater solitude. For extra convenience, you might also find a small grocery store or restaurant on-site.

On the other hand, short-term parks are for people who only need to buckle down for a few days to a week. They usually don’t offer nearly as many amenities as long-term parks.

Different Rules for a Long-Term RV Park Near Me

All campers are given a copy of the regulations upon check-in at any ‘long-term RV park near me’ you search. Some parks may have a distinct set of rules for long-term RV campers than for daily or weekly campers. 

Keep in mind, most campsites only allow one car per site for overnight visitors. Long-term RVers can own two cars and even a golf cart.

People Live in Long-Term RV Parks

There are rules about what you can and cannot do at almost every campsite. These rules might include whether you may wash your vehicle, for example. On the other hand, some long-term parks require monthly RV washing. Others lack rules, and the campsites that have been there for some time might be covered in moss and mildew.

Additionally, there are sometimes no age limitations on the RVs in a long-term park. Campers may start to fall apart if they aren’t properly maintained.  As a result, this will give a long-term park more of a lived-in look.  However, short-term RV parks might look newer, or at least cleaner because of this.

Full-size freezers, fences, and yard decorations may be found in certain long-term properties. If the campsite doesn’t establish expectations, certain lots and RVs may appear awful. However, other locations have gorgeous patio sets, decks, and landscaping that are all kept up. Depending on the site inhabitant, it’s never a guarantee.

The Upkeep of Long-Term RV Parks Differs

In many cases, long-term RV parks are cherished locations. Repairs to the city’s infrastructure and other facilities don’t always have a budget. Those RV parks that permit overnight stays make an effort to maintain the park clean and inviting to draw visitors. However, there is never a slow season, and there is always a long-term RV parking option.  It is common in long-term parks for amenities to be overused and misused, whereas in a short-term park if they are missed, it’s only for a day. 

Rates Differ for Long- or Short-Term RV Parks

For long-term RV parks, a lot of the time visitors who stay for 30 days or more receive a discount. Travelers and short-term fees are how long-term RV parks can support themselves. Keep in mind, utilities are frequently not included in the site fee for long-term RVers, instead, they must be paid separately.

Short-term RV park overnight rates might range from $50 to $120 per night depending on the park’s location. Some of the cost of the energy may be passed on to you individually if the campsite is located in a state with higher power rates rather than being included in the overnight pricing.

In Conclusion…

Thinking carefully about the sort of location you want to reside in the first place is the first and most crucial step if you’re considering a long-term RV park.

You should also select an area based on its amenities and resources. Being close to a particular church or school might make it easier for you to get involved in your community and feel at home while being close to a grocery store, laundry facility, or gym can make daily living less of a headache.

Needless to say, there are several factors to take into account whether you decide to stay at a long-term or short-term RV park. Wherever you decide to stop, have a peaceful and enjoyable stay!

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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