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When planning your next vacation, the first thing you might research is the place you’ll stay. With thousands of booking sites, hotels, and hostels available at your fingertips, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled a list of need-to-knows about two top booking sites to make your decision effortless. 

When comparing Vrbo vs Airbnb, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your travel preferences, these two sites have many advantages compared to traditional hotels. We detail site functionality, booking, pricing, and more. Let’s get into it!

Why Vrbo is the Hidden Gem of Your Vacation Rental Search

Vrbo positions itself as a family brand. Its website is chock-full of one-liners in appreciation for family connection, such as “Vrbo: Where Families Travel Better Together.” Since 1995, they have been a mission-driven company, providing families with the space to reconnect. Knowing this may help you book your next vacation rental with confidence and ease.

The Upside of Using Vrbo

With Vrbo, there’s a lot to love. Their search engine is highly intuitive and easy to use for any traveler. Excitingly, you can filter your search by user reviews. You can filter out rentals based on cleanliness, high ratings, number of bedrooms, and more. All in all, their filter options are prominently featured at the top of their booking page, making your search uncomplicated. 

Another area in which Vrbo is a steady winner is in its cleaning fee policy. If you’re not familiar, the one-time cleaning fee is set and used by hosts to cover the cost of their cleaning. When booking, you will always see the complete breakdown of costs and expenses beforehand. This is because Vrbo is committed to transparency. In displaying the total price, they ensure customers can narrow their search results based on the total cost – not just the initial nightly fee. 

Lastly, Vrbo offers 2 million rentals worldwide. Though it is fewer rentals than Airbnb, Vrbo only lists whole houses, condos, and apartments. They do not offer private rooms or quirky campsites. Regardless of the kind of rental, you can rest easy knowing you won’t share space with other guests or homeowners.

Vrbo: What’s Missing?

If you’re looking to connect with others during your travels, you may want to consider Airbnb. Because Vrbo doesn’t offer private rooms in shared spaces, you won’t be connecting with other guests in your rental. 

Additionally, some websites will provide a long-term stay discount for extended stays, and Vrbo does not utilize this discount strategy. If you want to stay somewhere for a month or more, you may want to look elsewhere. Lastly, Vrbo has a smaller array of rentals to choose from, which could make your search for a rental challenging.

Here’s Why Airbnb is a Fan Favorite

If you’ve been looking to do some traveling, you’ve likely heard of Airbnb. Similarly to Vrbo, Airbnb allows property owners to rent out their spaces. Boasting 5.6 million rentals worldwide, Airbnb has it all. 

Airbnb: Consistent, Steady, and Streamlined

Airbnb rentals come in many different forms. They offer entire homes, apartments, or condos. But unlike Vrbo, they also provide shared spaces, hotel rooms, and non-traditional spaces such as campsites or RVs. Booking shared spaces allows you to interact with other guests or homeowners and often decreases costs. 

Moreover, Airbnb’s website is streamlined, clean, and easy to use. The map is intuitive, highlighting price points and locations, and they have an incomparable number of listings. Another perk is the Airbnb “Plus” feature. Typically when a listing is labeled “Plus,” it means the properties have been vetted for quality and will have higher reviews.

In terms of cancellations, Airbnb has a more straightforward policy. Each of their policies is color-coded, which helps travelers have confidence in their booking. Lastly, this popular site offers long-term stay discounts. The discount means you’ll get a deal if you stay somewhere for an extended period. It is usually a hefty discount, sometimes totaling around $1,000 off! 

Overall, your experience on this site is guaranteed to be efficient and smooth. 

The Downside of Airbnb

There are a few areas where Vrbo has the edge over Airbnb. For one, Airbnb’s search screen isn’t as intuitive, and the filter is missing some key elements. For example, you can’t search by high guest ratings, which is vital for most travelers to have trust in their booking. Lastly, their search results don’t show cleaning fees upfront. Unless you toggle the total price display, you’ll only see the nightly rate.

Considering all of these things is sure to boost your next rental search.

Ready to Book Your Next Vacation Rental?

Researching Airbnb vs Vrbo doesn’t have to be stressful. Both rental sites have their pros and cons. Likely, it will all boil down to your travel desires.
Here at Mid Florida RV, you are covered, no matter your preferences. The team is known for providing friendly, top-of-the-line service to the Central Florida area. We know your vacation is essential, so contact us to see how we can serve you!

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