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Safety should always be on the mind of any RV camper. The safety of you and your family should come first in any situation you encounter. RVers are known to be a very friendly and open community, one you can trust, but not everyone is at an RV campground for the same reason. There are different reasons as to why a person might be following a nomadic path. Making a personal safety plan can save your trip from being ruined by unfortunate events.

Learn How to Drive the RV You Are Using 

If this is your first time taking a road trip with an RV, you will need to practice. Without practice, you are endangering yourself and more importantly, your passengers while on the road. Driving an RV isn’t difficult, but it isn’t something that can be written off because you’ve “SUV” before. In fact, driving an RV is more similar to driving a big-rig truck than any other vehicle. Driving between the lines, accelerating, braking, only having mirrors to show what is behind you, passing vehicles, and watching tires in motion in an RV is completely different from a car, truck, or SUV. 

If you do not have an RV, you can easily rent an RV for a day to become accustomed to driving it. It is a good idea to try a few types, to see how they vary. With Mid Florida RVs, we have an orientation period with our customers to show them how to drive the RV. This ensures that the customer is familiar with the RV and comfortable with maneuvering it.

How To Handle Wildlife 

Most RVers will encounter wild animals at some point or another. In fact, seeing wildlife can make RV camping a magical experience, as long as the wildlife is outside of your camper. These animals, as their name suggests, are wild, so it is best to give the animals their space. These wild animals a regarding you as invaders, victims, or a source of food. A bear will not hesitate to claw into a camper to try and reach food. The best approach to take with invasive wild animals is distance and noise. Don’t approach the animal or come anywhere near it, instead fill a can with pennies and shake it. Loud noise, like a car’s horn, is often enough to scare off an animal. 

Animals like snakes, wasps, and scorpions are wild creatures that can cause serious medical problems for a camper. An encounter with any of these critters could stop a trip altogether.  Look into the area you are traveling to see what creatures could threaten you and take caution. 

Weather Precautions

Much like a ship captain is always aware of the weather out on the ocean, an RV driver needs to have constant information on the weather. Rain, hail, ice, snow, and wind can cause danger to any RV, meaning that paying attention to the weather is important. There are a variety of websites that will keep the weather forecast updated. For more information, pause your trip at a rest stop and see if anyone knows any more about the upcoming weather. 

RV Rentals Florida 

Nobody wants to experience a bad incident during their trip. This is why researching potential dangers as a camper is important. Mid Florida RV Rentals cares a lot about their clients. We include insurance on our RVs for you after a deductible because we understand that sometimes, things go wrong. The more you know about the potential dangers of RV camping and driving, the safer you will be.

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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