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Long-Term RV Rentals

Mid Florida RV Rentals has the RV that will be your home away from home.

Long-Term RV Rentals

Imagine taking a long trip, a really long trip,across the country. You can see all of the landmarks and sights that you’ve always admired in one go. Multiple cultures and lifestyles are just within reach. When thinking of an RV rental, most people think it’s only for a short while. However, long-term rentals are actually quite common with RVs. And, depending on your vacation situation, they can be quite handy. 

What is better than a short vacation? A long vacation! When you think of an RV trip, you might think of a road trip. Long term RVs provide the perfect chance to take your loved ones on a long vacation across the country. The longer you hold onto an RV, the longer your trip can be. Instead of driving a few hours away, why not drive a few states away?  

Hotels Vs. Rvs

When considering long-term trips, you may think that it would be more convenient to drive in your vehicle from hotel to hotel or motel to motel. Going from hotel to hotel can become tiring, as you are constantly unpacking and repacking luggage. One of the biggest perks of a long term RV versus hotels is that once you unpack, you don’t need to pack again until the end of your trip. Additionally, instead of having the grand view of a concrete building from your hotel room window, you can have a great view of nature from your RV. Not only that but to get outside, you don’t need to go down flights of steps or into an elevator to get outside. In an RV, you simply step out the door.

Saving Money on Long-Term Travel

When compared to living in an RV, a hotel costs exponentially more. When considering a long trip, an RV is far cheaper than a hotel. You might think that a hotel would be better because all utilities are accounted for. However, the price of a hotel room isn’t just for the room alone, but also for the utilities. With our RVs, water and sewer costs are included in the lot rent. Additionally, few hotels include a kitchen, meaning that more money would be spent on eating out. With an RV, you can easily cook meals with its included appliances. Eating out can lead to spending around $125 a day, while groceries for an RV could range around $200 per week. 

Campgrounds are another huge perk to traveling long term with an RV. These campgrounds offer showers, electricity, wifi, and many other services that you might miss from a hotel. The biggest difference between a hotel and RV campground are the occupants. At a campground, you will meet many other RV enthusiasts and potentially make lifelong friends. 

Additional Benefits to a Long-Term RV Rental

If you have the chance to rent an RV, consider renting it long-term. A long trip is not only more impressionable, but a better experience. We all wish we could spend a longer time away from home when on vacation, so why not make it so? For children especially, a long RV trip can become something to remember for a lifetime. Sure, you can sit at home and see grand scenes on your television screen, but imagine being able to simply walk outside of your RV to experience those sights in person. From Yellowstone to Disneyland, the opportunities are endless. 

An RV trip will give you the chance to become closer to your friends, family, or partner. While our RVs are spacious, they are still smaller than what you may be used to. Spending so much time in this space with your loved ones can be challenging. Living together in an RV is entirely different from living together in a hotel room or home, but, in the end, it will bring you much closer together. Even if things get tense, you have campgrounds to give you the chance to get some space and see some new faces.

How to Rent a Long-Term RV

The first step to long term rentals is deciding which kind of RV you would like. We offer class C, class A, and diesel RVs. A class C RV is an RV that is often built on a truck or van chassis. With these RVs, you will typically see an overhanging section towards the front of the RV. Currently, we have class C RVs that can hold up to seven people. Class A RVs are the large, rectangular vehicles you may imagine when you think of an RV. These RVs are larger, as well as more luxurious than class C. We currently have a class A RV that can hold as many as eight people at once. 

Once you have decided which RV you want, you will call or email us with the amount of time you’d like your RV. We will then contact you with a quote. We ask for an initial deposit of $350. You will then come to pick up your RV within the allotted hours and we will give you an hour-long training course so you can adjust to your RV. We also deliver RVs. During your trip, we may check in from time-to-time to see how things are going. Our RVs come with insurance included by us, so you do not have to worry about finding a plan for your rental. We ask that you pay us a $1,000 damage deposit. We will pay this back if you return our RV to us with no damages. If we find smoking damage (there is no smoking allowed in the RV) or other damage, you may be charged up to $1,000.

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