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Natural destinations, long drives between travel spots, and long-lasting memories for the entire group. RVing is a traveler’s dream because of its home-like vibe and mobile ease.

As trends move to a more eco-friendly way of travel, sustainable RVing is becoming more popular. But what exactly is it, and how can RVers make it part of their experience?

Why Go RVing with Sustainability in Mind?

When it comes to hitting the road, there’s a lot on travelers’ minds, like costs, packing, and travel preparations. After considering all the planning that goes into road travel, it’s easy to see how most people simply don’t go RVing with sustainability in mind.

But the reality is that choosing to go green while traveling is easier than some may think, especially if they start months in advance.

Here are some tips on how to be more sustainable while RVing.

1. Install Solar Panels

This is where planning months in advance comes in handy. While it may seem daunting, RVs have plenty of roof space for solar panels, and the payoff is worth it.

For example, installing panels can create enough energy to replace some propane appliances with electric ones. That means items like an induction cooktop and electric toaster can replace an RV’s stove and oven.

It’s not necessarily required to use solar power to be sustainable on the road. However, doing so can significantly reduce a traveler’s carbon footprint and make travel preparations easier for future RVing.

2. Fewer Miles and Slower Travel is Important

When people think of RVing, they think of long trips and raked-up mileage. But that’s hard to do since RVs don’t have good fuel economy.

Having a home on wheels means you get to pick where and when someone wants to go somewhere. But remember to be strategic about travel plans to minimize driving.

For example, days expected to be stressful due to gridlock could instead be spent touring local spots or enjoying the outdoors.

In short, plan itineraries that involve more time at stops. Enjoy what’s around! Not only will this be more sustainable, but it will also create long-lasting memories for everyone.

3. Follow Boondocking Etiquette

Boondocking allows RVers to camp in mesmerizing natural destinations off-grid, but popular locations are becoming heavy with traffic.

As more people populate boondocking sites, misuse, and negligence occur more often. This leads to shutting down some locations, reducing naturally stunning sites for RVers.

It’s important to remember that being eco-friendly isn’t just about where someone dumps their waste or the kind of fuel they use. It’s also about respecting and preserving natural environments.

When RVing, it’s important to remember the following about boondocking:

  • Each area has its own rules for camping, distance, and stay.
  • A fire ring does not make the location legit.
  • Research Leave No Trace principles.

Following these three rules and researching before traveling will help keep boondocking safe and eco-friendly.

4. Black and Gray Tanks Waste

For RVers, having a place to empty waste tanks is essential. The good news is that multiple locations across the country offer services for free. However, many RVers still decide to dump their waste on public grounds.

This is illegal, and certain waste (scraps, cooking oil, etc.) can lead to visits from unwelcome or harmful wildlife.

Also, keep in mind that the definition of gray water changes depending on the state, so make sure to be clear on state regulations.

5. Don’t Use Disposable Tableware

While reusable tableware takes up more packing space, it’s important to remember that disposable tableware is not as environmentally friendly as some think.

For example, plastics are rarely recyclable, and some aren’t at all. That makes disposing of them hard to do. Even compost tableware ends up in landfills.

The best route to minimize waste is to have reusable tableware on the trip.

6. Other Eco-Friendly Options

There are many ways to go RVing sustainably. Also consider options like:

  • Downsizing
  • Avoid overpacking
  • Traveling with empty gray, black, and freshwater tanks

Sustainable RVing is Affordable RVing

Owning a home on wheels doesn’t have to come at the expense of our wallets or the environment.

Whether it’s large adjustments like installing solar panels or small ones like following proper boondocking etiquette, sustainable RVing can be affordable in many ways.

Get Your Home on Wheels with Us

While RVing is a travel dream, many don’t know where to start. With Mid Florida RV Rentals, you can have the perfect RV experience and enjoy your travels from beginning to end! Contact us today to start your rental process.

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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