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Taking the road during winter break is a great experience to bond with your loved ones. The road offers the freedom to marvel at the wonderful corners of this beautiful nation. Winter in Florida remains warm enough to go outside and discover from pristine beaches with light crowds to whimsical ecosystems.

Here is a quick guide for having a memorable winter road trip during the holidays:

Choosing a Destination: Going South for Winter Break

Although Florida is known as the Sunshine State, the chilly days prevail during winter. If you are looking to escape the cold, it is best to go south during the winter season. Before arriving at your destination, try a scenic route to make the most of your road trip. South Florida’s cities famous for their attractions are:

  • The Florida Keys. Popular for being home of 1,700 islands. Visitors can enjoy water-sports, delicious food, sanctuaries, and more.
  • Miami. Enjoy from art installations, the beach, great food, and the beautiful Cuban culture. For outdoor activities, there are premium golf courses and over 800 parks.
  • Sarasota. Known as Florida’s Cultural Coast, is the perfect place to visit museums, art galleries, or the circus memorabilia. Plus, Marie Selby Botanical Garden is a place to fall in love with nature.
  • Naples. Home of beautiful crystal water beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, the Naples Botanical Garden, and water parks like Sun-N-Fun Lagoon.
  • Sanibel Island. A charming local town with one of the most beautiful islands of Florida. The light crowded location will give you that peaceful atmosphere that you need during the holidays. The main attractions are Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Bowman’s beach, Captiva Island, and the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.

Finding an RV Park 

Once you have decided which city to visit, it is time to find a parking spot. RV Parks include accommodations and services like Wi-Fi, electricity, water, dog parks, fitness centers, laundries, and more. 

RV parks tend to be booked quite quickly, especially from October to August, so be sure to reserve your spot with anticipation. The last thing you want for your winter holiday is to be driving non-stop during the cold night.

Extra Tips 

Taking the road for a holiday is a lot more exciting than spending the night over a hotel. Nonetheless, consider the following to avoid complications:

  • Plan your route. Map a route to mark your spots, avoid running out of gas, or getting lost.
  • Bring Supplies. Blankets, water, a flashlight, cash, an emergency kit, and anything else that might be necessary during your winter trip.
  • Find the Ideal RV Park. Know the prices, accommodations, and attractions that they offer. Look into the reviews before booking.
  • Investigate the RV Park. Usually, any business holds up to reviews, and RV Parks are not the exception. Nonetheless, consider a brief tour right after your arrival. Check for the hygiene of the park, particularly of the pool, showers, and laundry area.
  • Location. Find out if the RV Park is close to places like hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants.
  • RV Winterized Water System. For people opting to travel to cold locations, it is necessary to confirm that the vehicle is winterized. Otherwise, the pipes could freeze because of the freezing temperatures.

It is not only possible but extremely fun to do a winter road trip with RV rentals Florida. Whether you decide to the cold or to the mild south, winter traveling is an experience that will remain unforgettable. Don’t hesitate, pack your bags and take the road with Mid Florida RV rentals. We offer suitable prices for everyone!

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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