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Camping isn’t for everyone, but getting closer to nature is beneficial for all. For those that don’t want to give up modern amenities or just want to spoil their family, consider RV resorts. RV resorts are a cut above other camping experiences, upgrading camping to something far more glamorous. Enjoy a perfect combination of luxury and nature for your next big vacation. 

RV Resort vs. Parks and Campgrounds

RV Resorts

The main difference between an RV resort and an RV park or campground is the amenities. RV resorts are more likely to have the many comforts of home available to you while you camp. At RV resorts, you can usually expect amenities like cable TV hookups, internet service, swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, and more. 

What do RV resorts typically look like? They’re more likely to be a large number of paved and leveled parking pads. They are also likely to have a manned gate and require your RV to meet a specific level of caliber. Some of these resorts even offer shuttle services to offsite attractions. 

RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV parks are usually more woodsy and less exclusive or fancy. They won’t have as many amenities, though they are more secluded and private. The standards for what type of vehicle you can bring are much more lax as well. 

RV campgrounds typically offer a much more rustic, outdoorsy experience. They are less likely to have an electricity hook and won’t always have sewer or water. There is likely to be a dump station on site, however. The spots are usually fairly level, but you might need to call ahead to ensure the campground can accommodate a larger RV. 

Why Go RV Glamping in RV Resorts Near Me?

Glamping is an updated style of camping that offers modern amenities while enjoying the great outdoors. Some people thrive on getting down to the nitty-gritty while camping, and others just don’t. While someone else might enjoy living in the woods without access to a toilet for a week, that’s not the only way to enjoy nature. 

An RV resort provides luxury amenities and comforts while letting you enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll get to experience heated pools, community fire pits, spas, and more. Oftentimes, these activities come with breathtaking views of the surrounding country. Many RV resorts in Florida are waterfront and allow you to enjoy the beach while spoiling yourself on vacation. 

RV resorts also offer a few more freedoms than a hotel might. The is more space between sites so you aren’t all stacked on top of your neighbors. You are free to spread out a little and let your kids run around without worrying about bothering the people around you. These resorts are also far more likely to be pet friendly than a hotel is. 

Rent an RV to Visit Resorts in Florida

Owning an RV isn’t for everyone, but you don’t have to miss out on the fun of visiting an RV resort. Renting an RV allows you to enjoy the luxury of an RV resort without any of the responsibility of owning one. You won’t have to worry about where you’re going to park it when you get home. Camp in style and then return the RV when you are done. 

Mid Florida RV Rentals wants to provide you with an enjoyable RV travel experience. We provide rentals for vacations, events, and temporary housing needs. Choose what works best for you from a wide variety of models. Whether you like small, easy-to-maneuver vehicles or prefer a large diesel coach, we can provide it. Contact us today to learn more about how you can have a great RV experience. 

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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