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Let Your RV Produce Revenue

Instead of Sitting Around Costing You $$$

RV Owners, Rent-out Your RV Through Us Today!

Earn Income From Your RV When You’re Not Using It!

 We do the repairs and maintenance
 We do the background DMV Check
 We’ll send you a statement & income earned once a month
 Your vehicle is insured up to $1M

We are experts in managing top of the line recreational vehicles, both gas and diesel powered. We can add your vehicle to our exceptional fleet of rentals while you remain a 100% owner. We have been working with RV owners for many years and have the best management program in the state. Most RV rental companies put the good rentals into their “owned RVs” first. We do not own any RVs which means your RV will go out more with us.

“RV rentals are in high demand. Studies show that RV’s are the most economical way to travel throughout the country. People are buying less and renting more. Also we have many people that want to rent before they buy as we work with many local dealers.”

Are you ready to turn your RV into a new income source? Depending on the RV, owners can make $5,000 to $30,000 per year from the rental of their RV. In addition to rental income, you can also count on additional tax benefits that provide savings to your bottom line when filing your tax return. Here is the Mid Florida RV Rental Consignment Plan:

 We handle all regular maintenance and any mechanical failures on your coach. At the beginning of each month you will receive a detailed statement of how your RV preformed the previous month including a check for your 50%.
 Mid Florida RV Rentals will add your coach to our commercial insurance policy. We recommend you keep your personal insurance active while in our program. Our insurance does supply full coverage and $1 million liability to the renter while in your RV. When not on rental your RV is covered for any damage that may happen but the liability is not in effect. This is why we recommend you keep your personal policy active.
 All Mid Florida RV Rentals’ customers pay a damage deposit of $1,000 to cover any unexpected damages and/or cover the insurance deductible.
 The frequency of rentals depends on the RV. Currently, RV rental demand is far greater than the supply. While we can’t guarantee the number of rentals your unit will have, we have consistent rentals and will be glad to show you more details about our rental demand and how we market to prospective customers to keep your RV renting year round.
 Our property is electronically gated, fully lit, with security cameras.
 We provide all the advertising and marketing to maximize the amount of rental time.
 Your Motorhome is available when you want it – clean, full fuel tanks, and inspected by our certified RV technician.

It’s time to start earning money today. It’s a sure way to maximize your RV investment! It just makes sense. Call Mid Florida RV Rentals today 813-578-4220 and ask about our great Consignment Plan, or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Click here to download the Owner’s Management Agreement

We’ll take good care of your vehicle!

We offer you peace of mind about your vehicle and those renting it!

Many RVs sit most of the year

Did you know that the value of your RV is dependent on years, not miles? We will keep your tires and rubber components limber and alive.


We've got you covered by insurance

The industry’s first ever fully automatic and episodic insurance policy, covering your vehicles and your renters with up to $1M in insurance coverage for all approved rentals.

We have Roadside Protection for your vehicle on the road (optional)

Mid Florida RV Rentals has premier episodic roadside care to each reservation with Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance.


We take care of the DMV Background Check

In addition, we provide full DMV background checks for our renters in all 50 states to make sure the safety and protection of your RV is our #1 priority.

Mid Florida RV Rocks. I’ve really appreciated how they’ve cared for my vehicle, and it’s been rented 20 times this year already!

Fred Flintstone®

Bedrock Mining, Hannah-Barbera®

I love visiting National Parks. Using a well-maintained RV that I could hand over the keys at the end of my trip was a great way to travel with my Picnic Basket Collection.

Yogi Bear®

Jellystone Park, Hannah-Barbera®

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About Us
Our goal is to offer our customers a pleasant motorhome rental experience from beginning to end. The process begins with the proper selection of a motorhome and a Customer Friendly Pricing Package that will meet your individual needs.
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