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Coronavirus has made the world reshape the whole traveling experience. The solution to saving your summer travel plans during a pandemic? RV Camping! Keep on reading to know more about how and why you should take advantage of RVs to go on your summer holidays:

A new way of social distancing

As states begin to open under more flexible restrictions, people are beginning to look for a safe and responsible way of traveling — which at this point feels necessary after sheltering-at-home for consecutive months.

Perks of RV Camping for Summer 2020

  • Reconnect with nature while social distancing. RVs allow you to shelter-in-place while visiting amazing landscapes.
  • Cooking outdoors. Pack all the food and snacks you need and avoid unnecessary visits to expensive restaurants.
  • Transportation. No airports, no cruises, no trains. RVs are leading the traveling industry during quarantine because they allow travelers to avoid mass transportation mediums that could put them at risk of getting sick.
  • Clean and safe spaces. Mid Florida RV Rentals has a strict sanitary policy. We make sure our RVs are meticulously clean for all of our users. Once you are on the road, you will be completely in charge of cleaning up — which is much safer than allowing cleaning staff to enter every single day to your hotel room.
  • Fresh air. While it is recommended to stay at home to prevent the spread, the air indoors is more polluted than outdoors. Your immune system will thank you for taking a quick getaway to enjoy your favorite landscapes.

How to travel safely?

Mid Florida RV Rentals wants you to enjoy RV camping in Florida and in any other state you wish to see, but we want you to stay safe. Here are on some tips for safe traveling:

Before Traveling

Consider the following measures for planning your trip:

  • Avoid destinations where the coronavirus is currently spreading.
  • Postpone your trip if you live in a zone/community where COVID-19 has been spreading widely. Even asymptomatic people could infect others.
  • Avoid traveling with people who could become very ill if getting sick from COVID-19.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to self-isolate for 14 days after returning home.


  • Bring 60% alcohol hand sanitizer and hand soap. Clean your hands as frequently as possible.
  • Bring over-the-counter medicines for you and all your family members.
  • Use face-masks as needed. Bring them in case you need to make an emergency stop to a grocery store, hospital, or a potentially crowded place.
  • Bring food and water supplies. We recommend packing foods with long-shelf-life like beef jerky, peanut butter, dry noodles, spam, shelf-stable milk, etc.
  • Bring cleaning supplies. Bring sanitizing wipes and other cleaning supplies to maintain your RV cleanliness throughout your whole camping trip.
  • Plan your route. Plan to visit different destinations within the same area. If a spot is too crowded, you can hop on the road right into the next one. Avoid the crowds, enjoy the road and the many different natural destinations this country has to offer.
  • Book a campground spot with anticipation. Due to the coronavirus spread, some campgrounds and resorts are not taking reservations for summer 2020. We recommend booking with anticipation in a campground that has implemented new measures that comply with the CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Reinvent your summer holiday and travel safely with Mid Florida RV Rentals. Your safety matters to us, which is why our RVs meet high sanitary standards. We count on a great variety of RVs to adjust to your family’s needs and your budget. Book your reservation today. Summer awaits!

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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