The Orange Bowl is arguably one of the most prestigious bowl games played in the US. Anyone who has attended one before will tell you it’s an experience of a lifetime. And that’s true for sure. The event is big, exciting, and everything you’d ever want in a massive festival. And not only that, it presents a rare chance to completely immerse yourself in an environment full of fellow football fans.

Although Hard Rock stadium allows plenty of space for RV parking, it does not offer onsite RV camping in its parking lots. Sometimes, there are no enough hookups, dump stations, or facilities in the parking space. But there’s no need to panic. In today’s blog, we take a look at several tips to help you see the 2019 Orange Bowl in style.

Getting There

Regardless of where you are coming from, I-95 is the perfect route to access the stadium. It takes you close to the pre-game event venue and Hard Rock Stadium. To have a better understanding of the area before driving in, ensure that you have a look at the maps and parking directions.


Once you get to the parking lot, you’ll need to park your rig in the area designated for RV. You need to occupy only one spot and should set up your RV camping gear on the outlined space. A good rule of thumb is to come early. That does not only help you beat long lines but ensures that you get the best spot for your rig, as well. Because lots sell out quickly on games days, you might consider staying at one of the campgrounds and RV resorts near the stadium.


Miami is a city known for its pleasant weather. It’s usually rare for the Orange Bowl games to be interrupted by weather. However, extreme lightening may sometimes occur. That’s why you need to ensure that you keep the awning closed and secure your RV correctly before you leave for the game or tailgating celebration. With this year’s games beginning in December, the onset of winter months, you may want to pack winter gear, too. A few other items that might come in handy regardless of the weather include camp chairs, a cooler for cold drinks as well as an insect repellent, and sunscreen.


Whether camping or tailgating, safety is of critical importance. You need to have clear rules for playtime to avoid endangering others. Also, ensure that you keep your area clean, so it is safe for you and others. Hard Rock Stadium has clearly outlined tailgating guidelines.

If you bring the kids along, ensure that they are under close supervision at all times. Regardless of where you’ll be – at the stadium or beach –  ensure that they have a safe and memorable adventure. One way to do this is to have a small tent that is easy to pitch. It will give them a fun place to hang out and play during the party. Also, don’t forget to bring along water, juice, and healthy snacks.

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