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While driving to the destination in an RV is half the fun of the trip, it is necessary to stop and enjoy the destination. Luckily, nowadays there is a wide variety of RV camping resorts to find the perfect holiday spot.

RV campgrounds are a small universe. For those inexperienced with the lifestyle, finding the ideal spot can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to consider for finding that sweet spot and having the best RV camping experience:

What are you looking for?

It is necessary to understand your options according to your necessities before searching for a spot. Consider the following:

  • Budget. Parking spots can either be free of cost or include fees for certain services and accommodations.
  • Dates. Define the trip length and your preferred weather season for traveling.
  • Traveling buddies. Consider the amount and age rank of people traveling.
  • Scenery. Choose from landscapes to park theme attractions (or both!).
  • Activities. Outdoor or indoor activities for either children or adults.

RV Camping Options 

After defining what you need and want from your RV camping experience, you can now select the ideal location to find a parking spot. Here are the main options:


National or State Parks are great places to explore nature. These parks are great to do rustic camping from the comfort of an RV rental. The campgrounds are affordable and, depending on the spot, some of them include full hook-ups. 

RV Parks

The luxury side of the road comes from RV Parks. Besides including basic hook-ups, RV parks offer perks like spas, Wi-Fi, fitness centers, showers, pools, and more! In contrast with hotels, RV Parks are usually pet-friendly.

Although all of the RV Park services come for a decent price, you can always benefit for discounts like:

  • Lower prices are offered to those booking longer stays.
  • RV Memberships come with discounts. Some of them are Passport America, Good Sam, Escapees, and Thousand Trails.
  • Some RV Parks offer military discounts to active and retired people of the military. Active members annually get a free pass to these parks.

Free Parking

Finding free parking for your RV is possible, even under our nation’s strict regulations. Naturally, there will be no available services or commodities like water, electricity, or Wi-Fi. These spots are called boondocking or dry docking, and they are ideal to go for an affordable vacation.

Places to find free parking are:

  • RV Friendly Businesses. Large businesses like Walmarts, Targets, or casinos tend to welcome RV campers without charging for parking. To avoid any issues, it is recommended to get approval before staying overnight.
  • The Bureau of Land Management. According to BLM, free parking is allowed during the first visit under time lapses. Unfortunately, these free parking spots are usually on a road that is not in proper condition. We recommend choosing this option for emergencies.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Spot

Now that you know how the grounds work, it is time to take action and start choosing your destination. Consider the following:

  • Anticipation. The RV lifestyle is popular in American culture. It is important to make a reservation with anticipation to find an available parking spot.
  • Reviews. Get insight from real people about what to expect from the location.
  • Attractions. Confirm if the attractions are currently open to the public. Attractions can be unavailable due to maintenance or major events like natural disasters.

The RV lifestyle offers infinite options to explore the Sunshine State. Mid Florida RV Rentals offers vehicles to adapt to your budget without compromising quality. Find your perfect RV rental today!

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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