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We can all agree that showing your partner some love is a must-do every day of the year. But Valentine’s Day calls for something special. This coming Valentine’s Day, consider booking a romantic weekend getaway! 

Break up the winter monotony by planning a weekend of quality time, bliss, and romance. Every couple deserves the time and space to deepen their connection and create new memories. A weekend getaway could be the perfect opportunity to reignite your spark and remember what makes you feel alive. 

Let’s break down must-dos and need-to-knows for your next romantic escape!

A Weekend Getaway Near Me: What to Consider

Possibilities are endless when you carve out time for a little extra togetherness with your partner. Before planning an exciting getaway, consider what kind of travel you both enjoy. What pace feels best to you? Are you city slickers looking for a quiet escape to a rural haven? Or, are you suburban go-getters searching for some added spice in a busy city? Moreover, are you interested in getting away from your hometown? 

However fast or slow, near or far your getaway is, catching up on “us” time should be your top priority. Consider this when researching “a weekend getaway near me.”

Ready to Keep the Sparks Flying With a Weekend Getaway?

Whether you are new to traveling with your sweetheart or a seasoned pro, your trip is sure to be exciting. Here are our top suggestions for your weekend getaway:

Ditch Your Technology

Disengaging from life outside of your trip is vital to creating a connective, romantic space. Set up your auto-reply out-of-office email, turn off your phone, and ditch your laptop. Be present with your partner, and don’t be afraid to disconnect! You may be surprised at how deep your connection is as a result.

Bring a Disposable Camera

That’s right. Get vintage and incorporate some old-school cameras! Disconnecting from your phone does not necessarily mean you can’t take photos. Whether it’s a disposable or a Polaroid, bringing one of these gems ensures you’re creating prime scrapbooking materials. And it has the potential to add some much-needed play to your romantic escapades. What more could you want?

Incorporate an Element of Surprise

Sometimes the best idea to bring back the spark is a sweet surprise and delight! If you’re out for a morning run, consider buying some roses on your way back to the room and surprising your partner. Or, maybe you surprise your partner with kayaking lessons or a relaxing couples massage. Reflect on what brings your partner joy, and find a way to weave it into your getaway.


Don’t be afraid to spend extra cash on a romantic day with your partner. It’s not every day that we allow ourselves to go all out. So, budget for your weekend getaway and let yourself live a little! Keep in mind that the memories created will last a lifetime. Not to mention, strengthening your relationship with the one you love is worth every penny.

Think Outside the Box

Your weekend getaway doesn’t have to include all-inclusive resorts or expensive plane tickets. Sometimes, a romantic staycation is the best idea for you and your honey. Visit your local winery and pretend to be a tourist in your hometown. 

Or, rent an RV and take a local road trip! An RV adventure boasts possibility and romantic abandon! It has the potential to be a dreamy getaway while skipping out on hotel costs and fees. Taking an RV out on the road ensures you create a utopic, romantic escape you’ll never forget. 

Ready for a Weekend on Cloud Nine?

A romantic weekend getaway is just the thing to spice up your Valentine’s Day. Planning a whole adventure might seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. 
The team here at Mid Florida RV Rentals are pros at what we do. We can assist you in planning a romantic vacation that you’ll never forget. Contact us to arrange the couple’s weekend getaway of your dreams!

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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