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What is your cancellation and RV rental refund policy?

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What is your cancellation and RV rental refund policy?

Did you book an RV rental? You anticipated every detail to create the best holiday, and yet, life happens. Unexpected events clash with your holiday plan, leading to the worst scenario: road trip cancellation. 

From illness or death of family members to a school year extension, there are endless reasons why people feel forced to cancel their holiday. As if it would be worse, people who opt for hotel reservations don’t have any other option than to adjust to 24-hour cancellation policies. 

The great news is that booking deals with RV rentals are a lot more flexible than with any airline, hotel, or home vacation rental. Luckily, if you find yourself canceling a holiday, it doesn’t mean it would be a complete loss.

Our RV rental policy on refunds

Mid Florida RV Rentals cancellation and refund policy states “The $350 initial booking deposit is nonrefundable and the remaining balance is non-refundable if canceling within 14 days of pickup”. However, we have never kept anyone’s balance on a cancellation. We will always be happy to reschedule you for a future RV rental in the following 12 months, minus the $350 deposit.

Don’t miss out on your holiday. According to scientific research, holidays help us to maintain good physical and mental health. Plus, they are the perfect way to bond and reconnect with your loved ones. Forget about the stressful city routine and re-plan that very well deserved trip. We assure you won’t regret it.

Mid Florida RV Rentals aims to provide customers with the best RV Rental experience, from the moment you select an RV until the time you return the keys to us. We understand that circumstances can prevent our clients from going on that special holiday. Therefore, beyond focusing on landing customer deals, we aim to understand our clients’ needs. Whenever you are ready, your RV Rental will be waiting for rescheduling.

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