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What RV Rentals are Available?

Want to know the latest about renting an RV. Our FAQ’s explain it all.

What RV Rentals are Available?

Have you been wondering what RV rentals are available in your area? In our fleet, you will find late model class A and class C RVs that range from 21 to 42 feet each. These vehicles are in gas and diesel and will require a regular driver’s license to drive. Currently, you will find that we have various class A and C RVs, as well as trailers, and large variety of RV rentals.

Class A RVs are bus-sized, spacious RVs. These RVs offer quality and luxury. Class A RVs, such as the A04 2016 Coachman Mirada, offer vast amounts of space and can hold up to seven people. This RV contains two slides, as well as a gorgeous kitchen and many more amenities. This RV goes for $375 per night. Among our several other class A RVs, we also have a new A07 2007 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane that can sleep six people for $295 per night. 

Class A, Class B & Class C RV Rentals

Class C RVs are similar to both class A and B RVs. They are similar to class A RVs because they have many amenities and luxuries to offer, but are more affordable like other class B RVs (which are a smaller type of RV). These RVs are not typically as large as class A RVs, but we do have a C05 2019 Thor Four Winds RV that can sleep seven for $295 per night. Among a few other class C RVs, we also have a C01 2015 Trend-23ft RV that can sleep 4 for $220 per night.  

Finally, we have a T02 2017 Aerolite Bunkhouse that can be hitched behind any able vehicle. This large trailer can sleep 6 and is an affordable $175 per night. This spacious trailer contains one slide, as well as an extendable canopy to create some shade for sunny days outside. 

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