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What Kind of Mileage Can I Expect from an RV?

Want to know the latest about renting an RV. Our FAQ’s explain it all.

What Kind of RV Mileage Can I Expect?

The typical average for miles driven in an RV per year is around 5,000 miles. Some RVs can reach a higher amount of miles, like 9,000 per year, but it is rarer. Many manufacturers state that their RVs will get around 10 to 20 miles per gallon. This all depends on the RV. If you are using a trailer, your mileage will depend on your vehicle. 

The bigger the RV, the more gas it will use up. Class A motorhomes are large, bus-sized RVs. These are what most people think of when they think of an RV. Class A RVs can range from 6 to 13 mpg, making them the RV that uses the most fuel. 

Types of Rentals and Their RV Mileage

Class B RVs are much smaller than class A motorhomes, meaning that they net far better fuel economy. These RVs are considered very thrifty, as they get between 10 and 23 mpg. This range is very large. Why? Class B RVs include a large variety of different models of RVs. 

Class C RVs are balanced between class A and class B RVs. On the outside, the class C RV looks similar to a class B RV, but this RV is much bigger and luxurious, much like a class A. The fuel economy for a class C rests between 10 and 20 mpg. 

Essentially, if you are looking for a thriftier ride, you would do best to consider the class C RV, as it typically has a better mpg. Class C RVs may not be as luxurious as a Class A RV, but they are still less expensive in terms of fuel. Class A RVs will be the most expensive in terms of gas, but offer spacious, elegant living spaces. 

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