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Is there a Minimum RV Rental Period?

Want to know the latest about renting an RV. Our FAQ’s explain it all.

RV Rental Period Minimums

If you’ve been looking into doing an RV rental, you have probably come across many different minimum and maximum rental periods. Here at Mid Florida RV Rentals, we do our best to tailor our rentals to your needs. However, we also have a minimum RV rental period for most of our RVs. Here are some details for you.

The Minimum RV Rental Period

We ask that our customers commit to a rental for a minimum of three days. While many companies will change this minimum rental period to 5 or 7 days during peak travel times during the year, we do not. Whether you are looking for a luxury RV rental or even a monthly RV rental, we likely have an option for you. Additionally, the weekly and monthly rental rates can vary depending on the length of your rental period. We have a lot of options and are eager to help.

Long-Term Rentals

Many of our customers rent an RV or trailer for a longer period of time. We also have many options available for this. There are many reasons people do long-term rentals. Sometimes they plan to travel for three or more weeks, while other times they are looking for a temporary housing option during a renovation or remodel. Additionally, we have seen an increase in clients using RVs and trailers as a temporary office space, and we have experience in helping with this.

No matter what type of rental period you are looking for, odds are we have something for you. Taking a quick trip around Florida? We have the RV for that. Looking for a luxury RV rental for a long camping trip or a temporary housing situation? We can do that too! Contact Mid Florida RV Rentals and let us help you sort out your RV needs. We are here to help!

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