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How Do I Rent an RV?

Want to know the latest about renting an RV. Our FAQ’s explain it all.

How Do I Rent an RV?

Before you rent an RV, there are some important questions to consider. What is your price range? Which type of RV is for you? How many people do you need your RV to hold? There are a few additional costs to remember as well, such as $75 for cleaning and sanitizing the RV after you have returned it and $150 for Propane and full fuel upon the return of your rental RV. 

Once you have decided which type of RV to rent, you will either reserve the RV online or call us to set up your schedule. Our pick up times are between 9AM and 4PM. We also will deliver your RV and can provide a quote. You can also reserve your RV ahead of time as far in advance as you would like. At the time of the reservation, you will be expected to make a $350 deposit. You will make a $1,000 damage deposit, which will be refundable so long as the RV is brought back in the same condition as it was taken. If an accident or damage occurs and an insurance claim needs to be carried out, you will pay a $1,500 deductible. If you wish to bring pets with you, you must pay a refundable $45 pet deposit. The deposit will be returned if we cannot tell that a pet was in our RV. 

Making a Reservation to Rent an RV

After you have made your reservation, you will have orientation on the day of pick up. We will tell you about the RV rental and how to drive it. By the time you leave, we will ensure that you are confident in driving the RV. Next step? Enjoy your trip! Once you return, drop off times will be between 9AM and 1PM. If you will need to drop off your rental RV after 1PM, you can do so until 5PM with a $100 charge. If you return your RV later than 5PM, you will have to pay the night rate. We do not have overnight drop boxes and no refunds for early returns. For RV rentals Florida, contact us today. 

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