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Can I Shorten My Trip?

Want to know the latest about renting an RV. Our FAQ’s explain it all.

Can I Shorten My Trip?

Yes, you can. We sincerely apologize if there were any reasons which led you to decide to cut your RV rental short. You can cancel your RV camping trip any time during the duration of your scheduled dates, as long as you inform us about the cancellation of your booking. You are welcome to return any time, but keep in mind that all of the expenses that you were charged are non-refundable. Any fees or charges paid for the maintenance and rental services for your trip will still be charged for the booking period in your reservation

Why Did You Choose to Cut Your RV Rental Short?

It would dishearten us if you left without reason. We would really appreciate if you tell us the story of why you want to cancel your booking reservations. Our company will do whatever we can to provide you with the necessary adjustments and services, so you can fully enjoy your trip.

There is no problem if you choose to cancel your trip in the case of an emergency. However, due to company policies, any fees that were agreed upon when booking the reservation will still be charged. That is why we want to coordinate and cooperate with you to learn more about your concerns and make any needed changes, so you can fully maximize your vacation.



If you experienced any lack of services that we promised, which led you to cancel your reservation, kindly provide us with feedback about your overall experience. This allows us to reflect on our mistakes or imperfections and improve our services. We aim to provide sufficient resources in terms of availability and security. We always hope our rentals are sufficient to accommodate your every need.

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