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Can I Extend My Trip?

Want to know the latest about renting an RV. Our FAQ’s explain it all.

Can I Extend My RV Rental While on a Trip?

Yes, you can. We are more than happy to hear that you are enjoying your trip with one of our RV rental services. We take our pride and joy in providing our customers with the utmost comfort and relaxation possible with our state of the art RVs. 

How Can I Extend My RV Rental?

If you would like to extend your trip, please notify us before your trip is entirely over. There are a few conditions that must be met for us to accommodate your requested extension.

  • There should be no conflicting schedules. Kindly notify us before the end of your trip. This will allow us to determine if the unit you rented is available for your requested extended dates. If there are any issues or concerns regarding the requested schedule, we may be able to negotiate an alternative booking schedule or see if the existing client will agree to reschedule to another date instead. 
  • There should be no reservations made within two days of your extended return. This is to give respect to other clients that want to rent out limited RVs available in their scheduled date. The two days provided will help us coordinate your extension request and notify future clients of your RVs booked status. 

These conditions are necessary to give a chance to others to enjoy a trip with our RVs as well. As much as we want to extend every trip when requested, we have to pay respect to the company’s policies and guidelines with regards to extension requests.

You can send an extension request by giving us a call (813-578-4220)

Changing Destinations

If you want to add or change a destination spot along with your extension, be mindful that additional charges may apply. Kindly notify us if you desire to change your destination so that we could thoroughly break down the additional fees for you.

Please feel free to call us to see how we can serve you.
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