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When you’re looking at “campgrounds near me,” you have a lot to think about and plan. Not only do you need to figure out where you want to go but you also need to think about the route you’ll take, any stops along the way, your budget for the trip, and what activities you’d like to enjoy. One thing that you may not have even considered, though, is whether you’ll stay at a public or private campground.

In your search for a “campground near me,” you’ll notice that some are public while others are marked as private. You may be wondering what this means. Do private campgrounds require some type of membership? Is it free to stay at the public ones? Unfortunately, it’s not so cut and dry.

What to Expect from Public Campgrounds 

While there are some public campgrounds where you can camp for free, others require a fee. Usually, you’ll pay less than what you would pay at a private location though. Many public playgrounds cost half of what you’d pay to stay somewhere private. This may be a drawback, though, since some people who are looking to stay up late and party may be more attracted to this campground near me.

Usually, public campgrounds are much bigger than private ones. This is because they’re typically nestled in the mountains, alongside a river, or on the ocean. There’s plenty of room available to give you a bigger lot on which to park your RV.

One of the reasons why public campgrounds are less expensive than private ones is that they don’t always offer water, electricity, and sewer hookups at each site. This means that you’ll have to do without these amenities. You may even find yourself using the public bathroom. In contrast, most private campgrounds do offer all the hookups you need at each of their campsites.

What to Expect From Private Campgrounds

Most of the time, a private campground won’t require an exclusive membership. However, you’ll probably pay more to stay at them each night. The higher price is because private campgrounds usually include a lot of amenities and fun things that you’ll enjoy. Essentially, all the term private really means is that these campgrounds are privately owned by someone who’s looking to make some money. Usually, they’ll attract clients by being well maintained and offering great customer service.

While you’ll get all the hookups and customer service you need from a private campground, the one thing you may not get is a big space to park your RV in. Since campground owners are in business to make money, they often minimize the size of the site so they can fit more RVs in the park.

You may find yourself spending additional money while staying at a private campground. They tend to sell amenities that aren’t offered at a public campground. Here, you may find everything from food and drinks to small toys. In fact, some of these campgrounds near me may actually remind you of a boardwalk or amusement park. If you have kids with you, this means you may have to deal with them being tempted to spend money on these things.

There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to find the right campground for your next vacation. However, once you’ve decided where you want to stay, the only thing left to do is to rent an RV from Mid Florida RV Rental and Services.

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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