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Winter is approaching, and you’ve had a great season navigating the open road in your RV. There have been new sights for you all along the way, and it’s time to prepare for the colder months. Learning how to winterize an RV is something all seasoned pros should know. If you’re new to this process, here’s why it’s important.

When getting your RV ready for the winter, it’s essential to spend enough time cleaning and prepping. This helps to avoid any damage in the long run. You can start taking preventative measures now to ensure greater safety in the cold. Check out the following tips to learn how to winterize an RV for the upcoming winter season!

Getting into It: How to Winterize a Camper

Buy Antifreeze

Let’s start preparing! To begin, you’re going to need to purchase a few gallons of non-toxic antifreeze. You’ll use this to give your pipes enough protection from freezing temperatures. Also, find out if you have a water pump converter kit installed. If not, buy some simple tubing to pump the antifreeze into your system. If you’re wondering how to winterize a camper, these are two essentials you must have to get the job done! 

Check for a Flushing System

Next, check if your RV is equipped with a water heater bypass kit and a flushing system. This will help to empty your tanks. If for some reason you don’t have these items installed, don’t worry! A water heater bypass kit can be easily purchased.

Remove Water Filters

After purchasing and checking for these essentials, get ready to remove your water filters. You’ll do this before introducing antifreeze to your system so you can replace fresh filters in the spring. With all these essentials taken care of, you’re officially ready to begin the draining process. 

Flush Tanks

Go ahead and flush out your gray and black water tanks and your hot water heating tank. Make sure your water heater is off. Allow the tanks some extra time to get out every last drop before you’re done. Once they’re empty, refasten the drain plugs in preparation for your antifreeze. 

Successfully Winterize RV Like a Pro!

You’re almost there! We’ve covered the essentials to help you get familiar with the components of your RV. We’ve also gone over any additional items you may need to winterize it. Now it’s time for antifreeze.

Antifreeze Your RV

You’ve removed your filters and drained the tanks, and now it’s time for antifreeze. During the winterize RV process, the importance of antifreeze cannot be understated.

Flip on your hot water bypass kit. This will prevent antifreeze from entering your water heater. While this won’t cause major damage to your water heater, it could waste gallons of this important liquid. If you have a water pump converter kit installed, you can use that to pump in your antifreeze. If not, grab the additional tubing mentioned earlier and connect it to a disconnected water intake line. 

From here, you’ll run the antifreeze through your cold and hot faucets. Do this at any sinks or showers and flush your toilet until you see pink liquid. Once the antifreeze has run through your pipes, they are safely prepared for cold temperatures. 

Now you can say you’ve successfully winterized your RV! These steps may seem intricate, but they’re vital to the longevity of your home on wheels. Understanding this process will set you up for success as you move through the seasons in your RV.

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