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Your little RV kitchen might feel rather constrictive at times, despite all the freedom an RV allows you to travel the nation. While arranging an RV kitchen might be difficult for beginners, seasoned campers have come up with some extremely inventive solutions to use their limited space. Now, they want to share that expertise with you!

Like any camping excursion, getting the most out of your RV kitchen is all about the process, not the finish line. Continue to study and keep a lookout for opportunities to take ideas from other RVers. Here are a few starter RV kitchen suggestions to get started.

Use the RV Kitchen Essentials

Just the correct cooking equipment will do, and you don’t need much. Thus, you must limit your needs to the absolute minimum and devise inventive ways to make the most of the available kitchen space in your RV.

Every RVer has different priorities. For you, it may be a decent set of knives or a set of pots. When you’re not driving, consider your diet and cooking methods. When you travel, you’ll want whatever is most important to you at home to come along with you on the road.

Utilize the RV Outdoor Kitchen

When the compartment door is closed, an RV’s outdoor kitchen resembles another storage area. Depending on the RV, you may often arrange an outdoor kitchen in a variety of ways at the back of the vehicle.

A pull-out drawer in your model may house a tiny refrigerator and a one-burner cooktop. A different design may have both an outside sink and a refrigerator/freezer combination. RV outdoor kitchens exist in a variety of sizes and with a variety of features, but their main function is to give RVers a place to cook outside.

It’s a terrific convenience to have so the inside of your camper isn’t affected by the heat from the oven or RV stove. Instead of walking in and out, tracking dirt in, and allowing flies in, dining outside can be more convenient, easier, and even more fun!

Travel Minimally

The weight would be a problem in your little RV kitchen even if storage space weren’t. Your RV will get heavier and less fuel-efficient as you stuff more and more  into it. 

Find packing products that may serve numerous tasks and lightweight culinary utensils to minimize your burden. Perhaps those containers might double as excellent mixing bowls. Or take plastic utensils rather than metal ones.

Innovative Storage Techniques

By figuring out inventive storage options, you can make the most of your RV kitchen. Here are some suggestions:

• To increase the amount of vertical storage space in your cabinets, install lightweight shelves.

•Attach kitchenware and containers with magnets to the refrigerator or the underside of your cabinets.

•Store food in square stackable containers, such as cereal, baking supplies, and other dry products.

•Install racks for storage beneath cabinets.

•Make extensive use of the hanging storage containers you can attach to the inside of cabinet and closet doors.

Protect Your Property

No matter how smooth the road, your RV kitchen moves, rattles, and bumps when you’re traveling, which causes loose objects to fly out and tumble to the floor. Before you start driving, double-check that everything is in place. 

To help maintain the position of your glasses and plates in your cabinets, use non-slip pads. Use latches to lock your drawers and cabinets.  Finally, if you have small drawers that you can’t use for much anyways, install hooks or pegboards for a type of wall storage.

Use a microwave convection oven to start cooking.

An oven and a microwave are combined in a microwave convection oven. It is exceedingly small and installs underneath your cabinets, exactly like a microwave oven, but it also functions as a standard oven for baking as well as reheating. All in a very little area!

In Closing

The ways to make the most of your RV kitchen are nearly endless. All you need to do is get a little creative.  If you’re in Florida and are googling ‘RV supplies near me or want to rent a top-of-the-line RV with an excellent kitchen contact Mid Florida RV Rentals for the best choice of RVs this side of the US!

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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