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Florida is one of the most well-liked travel locations for RV travel, particularly in the winter. That’s because most RV parks in Florida are simple to locate and range from basic campgrounds to exclusive private resorts.

The average RVer is also constantly evolving. Working couples and young families are becoming more and more familiar with the RV lifestyle, taking weekend trips, and in some cases, giving up their sticks-and-bricks house in favor of a nomadic existence.

Are you visiting the Sunshine State soon or  wanting to find a decent RV park around the country but don’t know which one to choose? This guide should make it a easier!

Look to the RV Park Reservation Apps

There are plenty of apps out there to help you find the best RV park in Florida or where you happen to be. Here are the four best to get your hunt started.


If you could learn about RV camping reservations before everyone else, would you pay $9.99 each month to do so? Based on your profile, which includes information about your vacation dates, RV type, and other details, RVSpotDrop alerts you about campsites that meet your search criteria. 

Simply register, set up your profile, and wait for email notifications about open campsites.


With some assistance from a buddy who is a computer specialist, the developers of CAMPNAB created an algorithm for the app. 

Your check-in/check-out dates and RV type are the first two inputs; the algorithm then updates your search every 2–60 minutes. You’ll get a text message when an availability appears on your smartphone.


Campersapp enables you to identify such potential same-day reservations for RV parks. You may find out about upcoming events, deals, and other activities at the campsite as you read about them. 

After making your RV camping reservation using the app, you may purchase firewood and carry out additional tasks to enhance your camping trip.


The RV LIFE Travel Wizard trip planner will provide you with a birds-eye perspective of your location. Hopefully, you’ll discover information on any campground nearby, including its amenities, features, and nearby things to do. 

To check which campgrounds accept your RV discount clubs, such as Passport America, Good Sam, or others, you may filter the campgrounds list. Even the fantastic points of interest worth stopping at that make the journey enjoyable will be visible to you along the way.

Find the Best RV Parks in Florida

Now that we’ve discussed the best apps to help you find RV Parks near me around the country, let’s look at the best way to find the best RV Parks in Florida.

Check Out the Directories for RV Parks in Florida

Camp Florida– There are quite a few Florida RV directories out there, like, that will point you in the direction of an RV park that is right for you. 

 Finding your ideal RV park and exploring Florida are both made simple with Through this directory, Florida RV parks may be found by area, features, or city location. 

After choosing your criteria, you may browse the park descriptions, pictures, or videos to find out specific details about each park. RV parks and campgrounds can also be located using their map locations. Simply choose “View on Map.” This is a great resource where you can view a statewide map with all the RV parks marked on it.  It also has an extensive list of the 52 RV parks around Florida with a description of each.  The map feature is great for everyone that happens to be traveling in Florida for the first time. There is a very impressive directory of the top ten RV sites on Mid Florida Rentals.  This is a great list and overall site because after you are done reading about their top RV parks list you can check out the great RV rentals they have and other valuable RV resources.

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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