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How Renting An RV Works

Mid Florida RV Rentals is located conveniently in the Tampa Bay area. We make renting easy!

What’s Included in the RV?

Each RV has a different floor plan, some made for only a couple of people and some made for a lot of people. At Mid Florida RV Rentals, we can help you choose the right one for you. All our RVs have full kitchens, full bathrooms, and real mattresses. In fact, it’s best to think of them as an empty apartment, you will need to bring items for the kitchen and your own linens. Although during the reservation process you will see an option for a convenience package which includes all of these items for a fee.

Each RV is stocked with a water hose and sewage hose.
Each RV has one or more TVs. However, the TV service only works when parked not while driving.
Roku® and internet service options available.
Each RV has a hitch on the back.
We don’t recommend towing a car but if you have experience then you may. Give us a call and we will explain.
You can also tow a small trailer with each RV.
Most of our RVs have one or more slide-outs. A slide-out is a section of the RV which slides outward and gives you more room when parked. This is done electronically by pressing a button. No, you can’t drive down the road with a slide-out extended, or you will likely make the local news if you do.

Please feel free to call us to see how we can serve you.
Schedule time to talk with us when it’s convenient for you!

Call Us at 813-578-4220


We charge a per night rate on all our RVs. Go to our inventory page to see the different RVs and pricing. We have free unlimited miles and unlimited generator use. If you want to go for 10 days or more give us a call for a discounted package price.

Additional charges for each rental are as follows. These ensure that your unit is always clean, gassed up and ready for your excursion.

 $150 for Propane and full fuel upon return
$75 for Cleaning & sanitizing


After you have made a reservation and on the day of your pick up we will give you a full orientation on how to use the RV and drive it. We are very good at this and you will be an experienced RVer before you leave our lot. Takes about an hour. We have a very secure lot if you would like to leave a vehicle with us for free.

Our RV’s

We have late model Class A and Class C RVs in gas and diesel from 21ft to 42ft. The term Class is only about the style of the RV not about the driver license type. Only a regular driver license is required. Must be over 25 years of age to rent. We specialize in renting to first time RV’ers so please give us a call with all your questions and we can help you pick out the right RV for where you’re going.


Absolutely pets are allowed. We require a refundable $45 pet deposit. As long as we can’t tell there was a pet in our RV when you return then you will receive your deposit back.

We do have some RVs that do not allow pets for our customers who have allergies.


No way! We will charge you $1,000 if we find any evidence of smoking in our RVs. These are very high end RVs and we work hard to keep them that way.


We can deliver anywhere. Give us a call for quote.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times

Our pick up times is between 9am and 4pm.

Drop off is between 9am and 1pm. If you would like to drop off after 1pm you can do that for $100 and it will need to be back by 5pm. If later than 5pm then a full night rate is charged. No there is not a overnight drop box and leave our RV outside the gate in the middle of the night. No refunds for early returns.


We provide you peace of mind on your journey with insurance provided for your rental period. If you are a USAA member you can check with your local office to see if you are covered to drive an RV and the insurance will be waived.


To make a reservation or get a quote, you do this on our inventory page. Simply click on the RV you like put in your dates and follow the directions. Reservations can be made as far in advance as you want. There is a $350 deposit due at time of reservation. That amount will be applied to your rental balance. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your pick up date. There is a $1,000 damage deposit which is refundable as long as the RV is brought back in the same condition as it was when picked up. In the event, major damage has occurred and an insurance claim needs to be done, the deductible will be charged which is $1,500.


Cancellations will need to be in an email format and the initial $350 deposit is nonrefundable up to two weeks of your pick up date. Within two weeks of your pick up date, the full balance is non-refundable but can be used for a future rental up to 12 months minus the $350 deposit.

Thank you for your business. Mid Florida RV Rental is truly the best RV rental company in and around Tampa.

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