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The amenities of rig camping are second to none. Depending on the RV you travel in, you can do more glamping than camping. Comfortable beds, a full bath, equipped kitchen, temperature control, and an entertainment system are some of the high-level perks. Even a teardrop trailer or camper van is a luxurious upgrade from a pop-up tent. 

Some may say that RV camping has been an adventurer’s best-kept secret for decades. The community of rig campers has been relatively small, but it’s been gaining notoriety in the mainstream. People seek to free their wild spirit, unplug from the noise, and see the country. But the masses aren’t lining up outside the big-name RV dealers. Why? Well, that’s because owning and operating an RV is expensive. 

Not everyone can afford a fresh-from-the-factory brand-new RV; even preowned options will set a person back a pretty penny. This is where RV rentals by owners can make all the difference. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for the rig owner and the renter. Read on to learn why RV rentals by owner might be the solution you didn’t even know you needed!

RV Rental By Owner: A Unique Side Gig

An RV rental by owner has myriad benefits, both to you as the RV owner and the person renting your rig. We get it. Handing your keys over to a random person sounds crazy. But using an experienced and reputable RV rental company significantly mitigates the risks. Their expertise and professional management of your RV rental can generate a nice supplemental income. 

Of course, this financial gain depends on the size and type of RV you have to offer. Rv owners who rent their RVs can expect an annual income between $5k-30k. If you have an RV that sits empty on your property, renting it out makes sense! Or, maybe you are paying a monthly storage fee for your rig? Turn that expense into income with an RV rental by owner opportunity. 

If you’re interested, your first step is to get connected with a reputable RV rental company. They can oversee the entire process for you, making your RV rental experience simple and streamlined. Below is a checklist for preparing your RV for rental.

Make it shine. 

Get your rig deep cleaned and detailed so it looks pristine for the listing photos and future guests.

Stock it. 

Keep your rig full of essentials like toilet paper, towels, washcloths, and linens. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of not having to pack their own from home.

Prepare a guide. 

It’s your RV, so you know how it works, but a newbie will need some basic instructions. Consider creating a guide on essential functions and best practices. It’s also a good idea to go the extra mile! Include personal tips, travel ideas, and favorite destinations. 

RV For Rent By Owner: Simplified & Streamlined 

The demand for RV rentals exceeds the supply in many country areas. That’s good news if you’ve got the goods. Search for “RV for rent by owner,” and you will likely discover several rental opportunities. People are looking to hit the road! 

Using a company like Mid Florida RV Rentals takes the guesswork (and risk) out of RV rentals by the owner. We handle the marketing, do the repairs and maintenance, the background DMV check, and add your coach to our commercial insurance policy. We keep you up-to-date with a statement & income earned once a month and keep your rig secured on our lot. And best yet, we ensure your RV is available when you want it— clean, full fuel tanks, and inspected by our certified RV technician. Consider turning your RV downtime into a lucrative side gig with RV rentals by the owner. 

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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