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RVs aren’t known for having a lot of space. It can be hard to pick gifts for RV owners that are worth taking up what little space there is. Whether your loved one is a full-time nomad or a recreational user, it’s important to find just the right gift. So how do you pick something that won’t be left behind when they pack up and hit the road? Here are a few great gift suggestions for the RV owner in your life. 

Practical Gifts for RV Owners

Some of the best gifts guaranteed to make your RV owner smile are the practical ones. Pick something that is useful every day on the road. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and see how helpful the gift is. 

Bungee Cords

When you are traveling and on the road, you never know what items you’ll need to secure. Bungee cords are a great gift and can be easily stored in an RV. Get a pack with varying lengths so they will fit a variety of needs. 

Air Purifier

Living in close quarters can easily make the air start to feel a little stale. The small space makes funky odors much more noticeable. Gift them with small charcoal air purifiers that are easily hung up and don’t take up too much space. They absorb odors and don’t have any overpowering artificial scents as an air freshener would. 

Step Stool

A folding step stool stores away easily, so it takes up very little space but provides a big convenience. A stool can help them access the ladder, awning, and other items that are often out of reach. It can be folded and easily tucked away when not in use. 

Gifts for RV Owners in an RV Kitchen

When in doubt, buy something that will fit in a tiny RV kitchen. There is very little space, so space-saving gadgets are important. Being in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. Useful kitchen gear cannot be understated. Here are some great gifts for an RV kitchen. 

Nesting Dishes

With so little storage space available, it all has to be used wisely. These nesting dishes provide a wide array of tools, stacked together for convenient storage. The set comes with mixing bowls, a colander, and measuring cups, all stacked compactly.  

Instant Pot

While this does take up a little space, this appliance can do a lot with very little. It makes great stews, rice, and other traditional instant pot dishes. It can do even more than just that! Instant pots can be used to make desserts, bake bread, cook hard-boiled eggs, and more. This is a great low-effort item for any RV owner. 

Mini Kitchen Gadgets

Give your favorite RV owner the kitchen gadgets they need, but in a smaller version for better storage. These mini gadgets are made to be compact with smaller handles for better storage. The set includes a garlic grinder, a grater, a peeler, a pizza slicer, and a can opener. These tools help RV owners make the foods they love without taking up too much space. 

Best RV Camping Gifts for Keeping Cozy

For those folks who camp with their RV regularly, here are a few gifts to help them stay warm and cozy in their campsites. 

Rumpl Blankets

These puffy blankets are cozy, warm, and weather-resistant. They come in a wide array of delightful colors and patterns and tuck away conveniently into their bags for storage. 

Traction Booties

These are comfy booties with rubber traction to avoid slipping. Great for either in the RV or out, they will keep your feet warm for both travel and camping. 

Cell Signal Booster

This gift is more about peace of mind than physical comfort. No matter where they are, this cell signal booster will make it much easier to stay connected. 

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