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Let’s face it, not everyone loves to fly. Whether you have a finicky toddler, limited funds, or anxiety over boarding that plane – flying is not for everyone. However, there are plenty of great family vacation ideas that don’t involve getting on an airplane. 

These vacation destinations are more affordable and create memorable adventures for the whole family. 

Vacation Ideas Without the Airfare 

If you have a fear of flying, or don’t have the funds to purchase airfare, there are still many great vacation ideas for you. 

Travel by Train or Bus

Traveling by train or bus is a classic and often forgotten way to travel without flying. This way of traveling is inexpensive and allows you to easily transfer from one city to another. Additionally, traveling by bus or train is also a great way to take in the scenery and sights along your journey. 

Travel by Boat

Traveling overseas by boat is also a fun, unique, and exciting experience. Cruise ships are a great way to see other parts of the world without having to board an airplane. 

Also, traveling by boat allows you to relax and enjoy the time spent getting to and from your destination. This way of travel also adds in some extra sights and stops along the way. With dining, entertainment, and lodging all bundled into one per-person expense, vacationing by boat is an affordable and fun vacation idea for families. 

Travel by RV or Van

Utilizing an RV or van for your vacation is a great way to enjoy a cost-effective and adventurous vacation. Pack your bags, load up some snacks, and go wherever the open road will take you! Traveling by RV offers the freedom to stop and go as you please. Feel free to sightsee when and where you want, and experience freedom from rigid departure and arrival times. Additionally, some of the most popular vacation destinations in the country have nearby RV parks, making it a convenient way to travel. 

Summer Vacation Ideas With an RV 

There are many great RV destinations across the United States, with Florida being one of the most popular states for RVing. Florida has extensive miles of shoreline, a variety of family-oriented theme parks and attractions, and some of the best RV parks in the country. 

Below are a few fun summer vacation ideas for your next RV trip. 

  • Space Coast in Cocoa, Florida 
  • Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida
  • Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida 
  • Leo’s Campground in Key West, Florida 
  • Miami Everglades in Miami, Florida 

Vacation Ideas for Families on a Budget 

Taking your family on a vacation does not have to be expensive. Skipping the pricey hotel stays and renting an RV is a great way to stay within your vacation budget. Overnight stays at an RV park are significantly cheaper than a hotel, averaging $25 – $45 a night. 

Dining out for three meals a day is also a costly expense. However, RVing allows you to cook meals at your campsite rather than spend money eating out every meal.  Additionally, gas for your RV is much cheaper than purchasing airfare for your entire family. Many popular vacation destinations such as Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls have nearby RV parks that cater to families. 

Mid Florida RV is Ready To Help 

Mid Florida RV Rentals is here to help you create memorable and affordable vacations without the hassle of flying. 

We can help you choose the best RV for your trip, as well as provide you with more great destination ideas. You don’t have to get on an airplane this summer to have fun. Let us help you plan your next adventure. 

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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