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Camping is one of the most eco-friendly vacations you can have.  Unlike going to an amusement park or resort, you are using little electricity and other resources.  RV camping is not always as kind to the environment. However, there are still ways you can be an eco-friendly camper if you are taking an RV.  Here are three camping tips to help keep the planet healthier.

1. Travel slowly and Pack Lightly When You Go RV Camping 

The larger your RV, the more gas it will use and fuel emissions it will release into the air.  Choosing a smaller RV to rent is a great way to be more eco-conscious. Packing lightly has the same eco-friendly effect.  A heavy RV needs to use more fuel than a light one. Take everything you need, but don’t shove in extra that you most likely won’t end up using anyway.

RVs are not made to go fast.  In fact, they should not even go the speed limit in some cases.  Driving quickly in an RV burns a ton of fuel, which hurts the environment and your wallet.  Try to keep your vehicle cruising around 55 miles per hour. This is a sweet spot that balances speed and fuel consumption for most RVs. 

2. Make sure your RV is running smoothly.

Don’t skimp on maintenance for your RV.  Oil changes, air filter checks, and more should be done regularly and especially before going on a trip.  If you are renting your RV, double-check with the company that everything is in working order before heading out.  Having a vehicle that is running well is better for the environment than one that is not. It makes it more energy efficient.

Tire pressure is also an important thing to keep tabs on during your RV trip.  If your tires are getting a little flat, that can make your gas mileage worse. This causes you to waste fuel and money.  Keeping an eye on your tire pressure is a good way to be eco-friendly.

3. Conserve the resources you have.

Instead of cranking the AC, why not park in the shade?  Many RVs have pull-out awnings that can be utilized to keep the vehicle cooler as well.  Conserving water and electricity is a great way to be eco-friendly all the time. Take shorter showers, and don’t run the tap while you wash dishes (which is another way to be eco-friendly – reusable plates and cups instead of disposable).  Use renewable materials or those that can be recycled whenever possible.

Here’s one you probably didn’t think of – toilet paper.  When stocking up for your RV camping trip, make sure you buy paper that breaks down easily.  The last thing you want is your toilet getting clogged. This wastes water and time. Double-check your supply beforehand to save yourself from a lot of stress later.

Looking to go RV Camping? 

Do you want to go RV camping but don’t have an RV of your own?  You’re in luck.  Mid Florida RV Rental is the perfect place to get a vehicle for a trip of any length.  Whether you have a large family you want to take on a weeklong trip or are a couple looking for a small RV to spend the winter in, Mid Florida RV Rental has an RV for you.  They are conveniently located between Tampa Bay and Sarasota. Mid Florida RV Rental can even deliver your RV anywhere in the state. Call (813) 285-4761 or visit them online to learn more or rent an RV today.

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