how to drive an rv

Many first time renters are concerned about how to drive an RV. A common question we often get is whether renters receive a driving lesson prior to embarking on their next trip. Here is a breakdown of our rental procedures. Also, here are some common tips on how to drive an RV safely.

Take a Short Lesson With Us On How to Drive an RV

We want to make sure you are comfortable driving the motorhome or RV rental you have chosen. After you have viewed our inventory, made your selection, and booked a reservation, you may take a free driving lesson with us. We do not offer driving lessons to customers who have not yet booked their reservation. However, once your reservation is booked, contact us and we will gladly schedule a lesson for you. We will ensure you are fully comfortable behind the wheel of your Florida RV rental prior to sending you on your way.

Some RV Rental Safety Driving Tips

In addition to our hands-on driving lesson, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when behind the wheel of your RV rental. The first thing to keep in mind is the length of your vehicle. Motorhomes and RVs are much longer than your typical vehicle. Therefore, the turn radius is much less so your turns need to be made much wider than you are used to. Another important point to keep in mind is the weight of your vehicle. An RV weighs much more than your daily car or truck, and therefore it takes longer to stop or slow down. Keep this in mind when using your brakes, and give yourself ample braking time. Additionally, leave plenty of space between yourself and the vehicles in front of you.

Also, being able to see behind you and the sides of your RV is important for safe traveling. Before leaving on your trip ensure you adjust all of your mirrors. You need to have an eye on the rear of your vehicle at all times. Furthermore, do not hesitate to pull over and readjust your mirrors as needed. Finally, be aware of the weather and try to plan your driving time around good weather. If you are a new driver of an RV you may not want to be on the road during heavy rain or wind. RVs are much taller than traditional vehicles and therefore feel the wind more than many novice drivers are used to.

Let us Help

Renting an RV is fun and there is no need to worry about whether you know how to drive an RV or not. At Mid Florida RV Rentals we are here to ensure your RV rental experience is smooth and stress-free. Contact us with any further questions about how to safely drive an RV or to schedule your reservation and lesson with us.

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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