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Coronavirus Announcement

Mid Florida RV Rentals prides itself on being able to provide our renters with unforgettable experiences and worry-free travels. Currently, we are aware of the fears and anxieties being raised by COVID-19. Following announcements of the growing risk from Coronavirus, Mid Florida RV Rentals has taken many precautions. We have always been keen on keeping our RVs sanitized for our renters. However, we are now more adamant than ever with keeping the surfaces of our RVs germ-free by following the CDC’s guidelines on cleanliness. 

A Safe Mode of Transportation

RVs provide a great escape from crowded locations. An RV is also a safe method of transportation for a vacation. Train stations, airports, hotels, and cruise ships offer large spaces for Coronavirus to fester. An RV, however, offers an enclosed space that can easily be managed and kept clean. Even if you are just looking for a safe way to travel, an RV is your safest method of transportation. If you are interested in renting an RV for a vacation or mode of transportation, we have multiple RVs and trailers available for travel.

Keeping Your RV Clean

We are aware that some of our renters may be in the middle of a road trip or vacation during this time. As mentioned before, the CDC has posted information on keeping things clean. When cleaning your RV, be sure that you are using either diluted bleach solutions or alcohol-based products (with 70% alcohol) to disinfect dirty surfaces. Before disinfecting, clean unsanitary surfaces with soap and water. When handling carpets, use a vacuum to gather up debris and sanitize any stains with disinfectant.

Stay Calm and RV On

We are aware that some of you may feel inclined to cancel a rental and completely understand your reasons. The safety of you, your friends, and/or your family should come first before anything else. Mid Florida RV Rentals will remain open throughout this time. To cancel a reservation, call us at (813)-734-7341.

Mid Florida RV Rentals genuinely wishes you all the best. We will continue to keep an eye on the situation and sincerely hope that you stay safe and healthy. We would like to extend our thanks to all of our renters for trusting us during this difficult time.

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