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Whether you are a newbie or just looking to improve your RV camping experience, hacks can be very useful to make the RV lifestyle easier and more fun!

Instead of learning the hard way through trial, error… catastrophe — as we did — take advantage and learn from our experience. Here are 5 RV camping hacks you need to know about!

Storage Hack: Vacuum Seal Bags 

With RV camping, the more space you can get, the more comfortable and pleasant your experience will be.

Packing your life in an RV — even if it’s only for a weekend or two — can easily get crowded. Especially if you are traveling with the whole family. While it would be ideal to only pack the essentials, sometimes that simply is not possible.

When it comes to camping and being outdoors, it is harder to pack for the weather. Vacuum seal bags are your ally for every season! These bags will help you save plenty of space by compressing those extra garments or blankets into almost half their size.

Air Freshener: Baking Soda is a Must When RV Camping

The air quality we are exposed to can have a serious impact on our health. You can get plenty of clean and fresh air from camping outdoors. Unfortunately, this is not the same case with the RV’s indoor air.

Sometimes opening the windows and letting the fresh air in is not enough. Baking soda is an effective and affordable product to eliminate the odors of your RV. To do this, you can sprinkle the eco-friendly powder in trash cans, bathroom drains, and shoes. Also, we recommend keeping a baking soda box in the fridge to get rid of any bad smells. 

The great thing about baking soda is that it does not cover the bad smells, it neutralizes them. Therefore, it is more efficient and healthy than commercial chemically-based air fresheners/fragrances.

Shoe Racks 

This is another storage hack. Shoe racks are great to take advantage of vertical surfaces.

The best part about shoe racks is that, besides shoes, you can use them to organize different items around the RV. For example:

  • Bathroom organizer. Hang it on the bathroom door. You can store soaps, hairbrush, extra hand towels, shampoo, bath sponges, and medicaments.
  • Food storage. Get some extra cupboard space by organizing your snacks and cooking ingredients in a shoe rack.

Stove Top Cover 

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in an RV. While RVs come with great kitchen equipment, it is hard to avoid feeling like you are short on space. If this is your case, we recommend investing in a universal stove top cover.

The stove covers turn the stove into an extra kitchen surface. Some models are made of wood, which makes them great to use as a cutting table. This item is great for those occasions when you don’t have the luxury to cook outdoors.

Magnetic RV Camping Screen 

The best way to improve the air quality of your RV is by letting the fresh air of nature come through it. The only minor — and yet, really annoying — inconvenience of outdoors’ air is: the bugs. 

Don’t let bugs like mosquitoes ruin your camping experience. Instead, we recommend using a magnetic RV screen. Depending on your RV, you can find manufacturers that provide a variety of standard sizes for your doorway.

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