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If you’re someone who experiences winter blues, we’ve got good news for you. Traveling doesn’t have to be reserved for spring and summer. And traveling in the wintertime comes with a magical, enchanting charm that’s hard to resist. 

From winter sports to twinkly Christmas lights, a winter vacation is sure to enhance your zest for life! For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in winter. Keep reading to map out your next destination! 

Everything to Know About the Best Places to Visit in Winter in USA

From ski resorts, snow-capped mountains, cold plunges, bonfires, and cozy layers, your vacation depends on your travel preferences. Spend some time reflecting on whether or not you want a nature-filled adventure or a city-fueled escapade. With your desires in mind, take a look at our top five suggestions for the best places to visit in winter in USA:

1. New York City, New York

Let’s start with this urban wonderland. The wintertime is one of the best times to visit New York City. Without the humidity and summertime tourists, you’ll be able to enjoy all the city offers with a festive winter twist. 

Take a stroll around Manhattan and satisfy your shopping urges on Fifth Avenue while taking in extravagant, illuminated window displays. Next, catch the Radio City Rockettes, who will leave you in awe of their spectacular performance. Last, end the evening ice skating in front of Rockefeller Center’s iconic tree, towering around 82 feet! You will feel like you’re in a classic Christmas movie. 

2. Vail, Colorado 

Widely referred to as a winter wonderland, Vail, CO, is one of the top ski destinations in the country. They have a plethora of winter sports to choose from, including snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, tubing, and snowmobiling. And if you’re visiting during the holidays, you’re bound to see a tree-lighting ceremony and crisply decorated, beautifully-lit storefronts.

3. Mammoth Mountain, California

Adventurous souls flock to this destination. Similar to Vail, Mammoth Mountain is a snowboarder’s paradise, recording an average of 300 inches of snowfall per year. And if you want to stay indoors while the family’s on the mountain, no problem! Plenty of local spots offer indoor activities, like indoor golf and ice skating. The snowboarding season lasts until Memorial Day, giving you plenty of time to book your trip and experience winter’s bliss. 

4. Naples, Florida

If you’re looking for warmth and sun-kissed skin this winter, there are options for you, too. 

Naples, Florida, is the perfect destination for travelers looking to escape the snow and don a bikini. There are beaches abound, and wintertime temperatures typically range around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this said, it remains a festive destination around the holiday season. There are boat parades with all the twinkly lights your heart could desire, and carolers to boost your spirit. 

5. Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is the spot for you if you’re a nature lover searching for a breathtaking experience. On top of that, Anchorage is home to some of the most inspirational and stunning nature scenes in the U.S. With striking glaciers, a picturesque town, and gorgeous wildlife, a trip to Anchorage is sure to be mesmerizing. 

Perhaps most excitingly, you’ll be able to catch the aurora borealis, a.k.a. the Northern Lights. Viewing is between September to April, making it the perfect winter getaway. (Plus, you can learn skijoring while you’re there – it’s super cool, check it out!)

Finding Paradise in the Best Places to Visit in USA

Traveling in the wintertime is a surefire way to nurture your spirit and encourage those winter blues to subside. We’ve noted the best places to visit in USA, and we hope you find a spot that is perfect to your liking. 

Here at Mid Florida RV Rentals, we can help you sort through the best places to visit to find what best suits you. We make your experience as enjoyable as possible to help you create an unforgettable vacation. Reach out to us to learn more!

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