RV road trips are a great choice to make when you have children. This trip will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives. However, it’s not very long until you’ll hear a chorus of “I’m bored!” from the back of the RV. RV road trip games are a great solution to combat bored kids. You may remember some of the classic games you played in the back of the car during a long trip, but there might be a few you haven’t heard of. Road trip games are a great way to make new memories with your family! 


This is one of the simpler games to play on the road isn’t complex, but instead focuses on observation skills. For the first part of this game, you need to assign points to yellow vehicles. For example, cars could be 2 points, semi-trucks could be 4 points, construction equipment could be 6 points, and a school bus could be 12 points. If you have any children that are still learning to count 5s and 10s, use multiples of 5s and 10s when assigning points. The first person to see a yellow vehicle and shout “banana” gets the points. Make sure to set a time limit to this game that will associate with how long the players will be interested in playing the game. 

Road Trip Bingo 

This is a game that is wonderful for kids of all ages, as the difficulty can be shifted. This road trip game combine scavenger hunting with bingo. Give each one of these bingo cards with a book or clipboard. If you plan on playing this on your RV road trip, make sure to bring a bag full of markers, pens, and crayons to pass out to the players. When a player spots something that is on their bingo card, they can mark off that spot. Similar to normal bingo, the first player to mark a straight line wins. If you have older children in the group, try playing different styles of bingo. For example, have them fill all four corners only. 

License Plate Game 

You may be familiar with this popular road trip game, as it has been around for a long time. Each person in the car will get a pencil and a pad of paper. As you drive down the road, the players will watch license plates to see where they are from. They will then mark down which state they have “collected.” This game is very time-consuming and involves a lot of focus, meaning you’ll have some quiet time to drive. To make the game easier, purchase some maps to mark on. The first person to collect all 50 states wins. If nobody collects all states, go by points per state. Remember, Canadian provinces get double points.

Taking a Florida RV Road Trip 

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