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Compared to other methods of travel, RV camping is a relatively budget-friendly option. You’ve got your transportation and accommodations in one convenient package, and as far as destinations go, the possibilities are endless. Plus, with these 10 quick tips on ways to save money while RV camping in Florida, you can make your trip even more affordable. 

1. Choose your destination wisely.

As you can imagine, some RV camping destinations cost more than others. When putting together your trip itinerary, consider the overall cost of each potential destination and plan accordingly. 

2. Travel during your destination’s off-season, or “shoulder” season.

Traveling during peak season means you’ll be paying peak prices. If your schedule is flexible, consider hitting the road during your destination’s slow season. You’ll spend less and encounter fewer crowds, so it’s a win-win. 

3. Find the best gas prices.

You may think that saving a few cents on gas won’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but even the most efficient RV is a gas-guzzling machine compared to your everyday car or truck. When traveling long distances, shopping around for the best gas price can save you a big chunk of change.

4. Research RV memberships and discount clubs.

If you’re new to RV camping, you may not realize that there are memberships and discount clubs you can join to reduce your camping costs. Some of our favorites are Passport America, Harvest Hosts, and Escapees. 

5. Do your cooking at “home.”

Your RV has a kitchen, so why not use it? Preparing meals at home is almost always cheaper than going out to eat. Make a little extra each time you cook and you’ll have leftovers for the next meal, which saves you even more money.

6. Pack a lunch. 

If you have an activity planned that will keep you away for the day, pack a small cooler with an easy lunch and some snacks. You’ll spend less money than if you ate out and you won’t have to sacrifice any of your time enjoying the great outdoors. 

7. Plan before you go. 

Spontaneity may be one of the things that got you interested in an RV rental in the first place, but there is something to be said for planning. The last thing you want is to end up without a place to stay or shelling out more than you can afford for an expensive RV campground because it’s the only spot available.

8. Consider “dry camping.”

Sure, having access to water and electricity in your RV rental is convenient (and maybe necessary for some campers). But one surefire way to save money while RV camping is to dry camp, or camp on public land without any hookups. You may have to figure out how to conserve water and power during your stay, but you’ll save big on camping costs. 

9. Extend your stay.

Okay, this one may sound counterintuitive, but hear us out. If you stay in one place longer rather than pulling up stakes and moving on every few days, you can take advantage of better campground rates and save money on fuel. 

10. Have fun for free.

Go for a bike ride, take a hike, sit around the campfire. These are some of the things that make RV camping so rewarding – and they’re free!

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RV camping has become one of the more popular means of travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. People all over the country have been confined to their homes due to nationwide shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, and many are looking for a safe way to get outside and explore while practicing social distancing. For more information about RV rentals or RV camping in Florida, contact Mid Florida RV Rentals today.

Renting An RV is safe, affordable, & fun!

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